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Hohn Hines Bar Logo

John Hines Bar

Honouring the spirit of the country pub, the John Hines bar is a place for locals and visitors to come together and find new friends over a drink. Step into our Eden wine bar and take a break or celebrate in style in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of our historic surroundings. 

Enjoy your favourite drop or try something new

In the John Hines wine bar, we’ve got a range of classic drinks and local tipples to provide refreshment. Discover a tasty selection of your favourite beers on tap and more

Looking for something a little stronger? We’ve curated a cocktail menu with a unique character featuring flavours that epitomise the salt water and sunshine of the Sapphire Coast. 

And if you’re wanting to treat yourself to a glass of wine, you’ll love our robust selection of international, national, and local treasures that makes us one of the best wine bars in Eden

Drop in for one drink or settle in for a social evening of good drinks and good company – we look forward to seeing you! Contact us today for more information about our offerings — we’re happy to assist you.