Welcome to Pikes Italian, a beloved bistro in Eden with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Named after the iconic Aunty Pike who opened The Australasian in 1904, our authentic Eden Italian restaurant proudly celebrates her enduring legacy. Through our delicious pastas, pizzas, meat and seafood dishes, we aim to celebrate Aunty Pike’s generous spirit.

One of Aunty Pike’s remarkable contributions was her commitment to cultivating the land behind the hotel into a flourishing kitchen garden. Today, we carry her vision forward by incorporating produce harvested from our own parcel of land. We are Eden’s Italian restaurant that proudly serves delectable and comforting dishes made from ethically- and locally-sourced ingredients.

Indulge in our homemade pasta, woodfired pizza, savoury meat and seafood mains and scrumptious desserts — and be transported to the charming streets of Naples and Tuscany.

Join us at Pikes Italian and embark on a culinary journey that honours tradition, sustainability and the legacy of Aunty Pike. Our beloved Eden Italian restaurant is open for lunch and dinner in the opulent Hotel Australasia. For reservations or enquiries, feel free to contact us.

Pikes Bistro
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